Finest Designz

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

My name is Lucy. “I am creative. I can never seem to stop creating anything. There is always an idea, new picture, or some business idea running through my head. I can’t help but see a picture before I see words on it. I am drawn to color and the beauty around me. I have always been drawn to art, Graphic design, & Photography. Growing up I was constantly in my sketch book or having some kind of craft happening on the dining room table.”


In 2009 I created Finest Designz. Which I  mostly specialized in designing Intros for Youtube users and built websites for small businesses and personal use. After a bad decision of leaving Finest Deisgnz behind and going into the Medical Field, I decided to do what I am most Passionate about. And here I am bringing Finest Designz back to life!

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